You Have to Be In It to Win It

Financial Independence is rarely achieved by chance

…. for most of us it is preceded by the habits of saving and investing combined with the passing of time. Continue reading “You Have to Be In It to Win It”

The Quickest Route To Financial Independence

About this time two years ago it became apparent that my job would soon be redundant. This wasn’t the shock that maybe it would have been to many. Heading up the finance function of a small company that had recently been taken over by a corporate giant, I knew it was inevitable.

To cut a very long story short, come January 1st last year, I found myself in a new role within the aforementioned global corporation. Dodged a bullet, salary still coming in, big relief all round, no need for the poorhouse just yet. Continue reading “The Quickest Route To Financial Independence”

Working My Way to Freedom – My Story

I’ve been thinking hard about the next few posts and whether I should write them at all. Aside for the fact that it’s more than likely I am talking to myself right now, it is possible that one day there may be people reading this that will think I am so stuck up my own backside, I don’t know what the real world is like. Continue reading “Working My Way to Freedom – My Story”