Investing in Property Overseas – a Horror Story

This post is a continuation from How to Fail Spectacularly and Still Retire Early…..

As a couple, by most people’s standards, we were well off. One and a half professional salaries produced a lot of disposable income. And though I funnelled much of my part time salary into our savings accounts, there was still some to spare.

The “must have” investment among my husband’s colleagues was property overseas. Our financial advisor directed us towards a company selling apartments in Cyprus.

I would like to lay the whole blame for what we did at my husband’s feet but the fact is, I was there too. With almost no research and a blind faith in following the herd, we signed our lives away to the tune of two off-plan apartments in a country we had never even visited. Continue reading “Investing in Property Overseas – a Horror Story”

Aspiring to be Rich – What Does that Mean?


Before I discovered the concept of financial independence and before I realised early retirement was achievable for someone like me, I was still interested in educating myself about all things money and gaining wealth. I knew that the way to a rich life was out there somewhere and I wanted to find it.

I think I am just one of those curious people. I didn’t want to be working into my sixties, that’s for sure but other than that it’s hard to describe what I was looking for. What did I mean by the concept of a rich life? Continue reading “Aspiring to be Rich – What Does that Mean?”

Safety in Numbers – Refining the FIRE Plan

As I get ever closer to my FIRE date and am facing the possibility of a much earlier exit from my current job than planned, the geek in me has gone into overdrive and I have been spending some time (…..ok, A LOT of time) reviewing and refining the numbers. Continue reading “Safety in Numbers – Refining the FIRE Plan”

Show Me The Money – A.K.A. My Financial Plan

Early retirement is a big deal. For most people it is not going to happen by accident and needs to be based on a solid financial plan.

I’ve talked about how I got to this point in my journey here. What about moving forwards? Where is the money going to come from to live? What will I draw down from and when? What other income streams will be coming in and what back-up plans do I have? Continue reading “Show Me The Money – A.K.A. My Financial Plan”

You Have to Be In It to Win It

Financial Independence is rarely achieved by chance

…. for most of us it is preceded by the habits of saving and investing combined with the passing of time. Continue reading “You Have to Be In It to Win It”

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