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A Final Word

Buying Property Overseas – A Horror Story

How to Fail Spectacularly and Still Retire Early

The Dream vs Reality – What it Really Felt Like to Walk Away from Work

One Year of FIRE – What a Difference a Year Makes

Mini Update

Things I Haven’t Done Since I Retired Early (and a few I have)

Early Retirement – Early Days – What I’ve Learned from the First 3 Months

It’s Official – I FIRED the 9 to 5!

The Why of FI – Sometimes You Don’t Have A Reason

Does Achieving Early Retirement Mean Failing A Career?

Keeping Up with the (FIRE) Joneses

Life, Death and Getting Drunk on FIRE

The “Do I Have Enough?” Toolkit

Finding the Fun in FIRE

Finding Fulfilment in Early Retirement

The “Bad Habits Be-Gone In Early Retirement” List

Trimming the Fat – Preparing a Leaner FIRE Plan

Preparing for the Return to Work (When I Really Don’t Want To)

Saving While Spending – The View From the Cheap Seats

The Selfishness of Seeking FIRE

Taking a Time-Out from Saving Money

Is Early Retirement Risky?

Aspiring to be Rich – What Does that Mean?

Yearning for the Simple Life

Safety in Numbers – Refining the FIRE Plan

The Just in Case I Quit List

Who Have you Told About Your FIRE Plans?

I’m Afraid I’m Going to Quit Before I’m Financially Independent

How I Saved My FIRE Fund

Half Year Financial Update

Invoking the F.U. Clause

Financial Resilience – Being Bullet Proof

Tax and the 4% Rule 

Single Parent Seeking FIRE

Rethinking the FI Budget – What Do We Really Need to Include?

Show Me The Money – A.K.A. My Financial Plan

Be Your Own Insurance Company

Financial Independence 101

Introvert on FIRE

What (Not) to Hate About Your Job

You Have to Be In It to Win It

The Quickest Route To Financial Independence

Why Getting Rich is Boring

Why Your Job May Be Better Than You Think

The Illusion of Wealth (Part 2)

The Illusion of Wealth (Part 1)

Working My Way to Freedom – My Story

A Dream Of Financial Independence

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